Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sasha Grey's Anatomy

I hate that I actually have something to say about Entourage. I don't want to dignify that show with a reaction of any kind. But despite the mere thought of it making my skin crawl, Tenebrae and I sometimes end up accidentally watching it while waiting for True Blood to come on.

Apparently the internet is up in arms about Sasha Grey's pubes (thanks Lillian), which in itself is tragic. But, I actually saw this episode, and there's more. Lots more, to be said about pubes.

While I could easily look up the characters' names to make this read smoother (haha, pun unintended), I'm not going to. I'm going to cling for dear dignity to fact that I don't know most of their names, thus repeatedly reminding you that I cannot stand this show. Which brings me to another sort-of-point. It kind of irritates me when people deliberately let themselves get vocally annoyed with parts of the media that they know they don't relate to and don't want to relate to. That is to say, everyone around you can assume that you disagree with this thing, so why are you belaboring the obvious? And yes, that is what I'm doing now. It's also what I used to do with Sex and the City. That show makes my skin crawl as well and I dislike all the characters, and yet I've seen almost every episode. At least once per episode, a character would say or do something that would send me into a rage. But, that's the thing I enjoyed about it; disagreeing so vehemently helped me form and refine my own opinions. That said, I think Entourage is Sex and the City for bros, and is much worse.

First of all, it is to be assumed (at least by me) that most of Entourage's audience is comprised of douche bags. If you are not otherwise a douche bag and yet like this show, it does not necessarily automatically turn you to a douche...but it does make me awfully suspicious. All this is to say, why should I bother commenting on the fact that assholes are outraged that Sasha Grey has some pubic hair? She defends herself well, and doesn't seem to need me ranting.

What's a little more interesting though, is that no one in the show comments on it. In fact, the great pube conversation in that episode was a guy being put off by a woman shaving everything. Turtle (yes I know his name; how could I forget one so fitting?) divulges to his bro-friends that his heretofore hard-to-get Latina love interest (HHTGLLI?) was completely shaved, and that it threw him off, distracted and confused him. He simultaneously divulges that he doesn't do any grooming at all, while the other men say that they do a little bit, but aren't too eager to talk about it. That one scene simultaneously promotes different degrees of pubic grooming for both genders, without making one particular method sound like an absolute norm. I was actually a little bit begrudgingly impressed.

But don't worry, it all went to shit a couple scenes later. Turtle is in bed with HHTGLLI a second time, trying to make up for the awkwardness of the first. He ends up telling her that the reason for the previous awkwardness was his surprise at her shaved vag, that he had dreams about Pacman all night (?!). She then asks if that was the reason that he was suddenly smooth down there. He says yes, it was because of her, to which she laughs and says, "Guys aren't supposed to shave it all! Just trim." They laugh and make out, and my perception of the show is shot right back to where it started. "SUPPOSED TO?" No two words in that context could possibly make me angrier. But, like I said before, it's Entourage; I know I'm not its target audience, and I don't want to be. In that regard, it seems rather pointless, even tragic, for me to have spent this much time writing about it. Too late.

Currently, my own pubes are purple to match my hair. I am deadly serious, very pleased with it, and actually have quite a lot to say about this. However, I cannot do it justice at the moment, considering that I have to get up smooth-ass-crack-of-the-morning early in the morning for work. For now, purple. Completist. That is all.

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  1. I'm interested in what else you have to say about purple.